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                  International Internet Marketing

Contact The Webmaster;  (817) 607-3259

Lonnie W.  Craig

310 West Bell Street…

Fort Worth TX 76140

Home Ph# (817) 293-3611


To actively serve my community and government liaisons Utilizing Current and acquired skills as might be required by either one

E X P E R I E N C E;

Current D/C for Save-A-Lot Warehouse at 1201 John Burgess Drive In Fort Worth since February of 2005 (817) 293-2195 x# 122

Duties include, utilizing AS400/DB to set appointments for incoming freight and, Triceps/DB for billing purposes.


Journeyman helper, 02/04 through 06/04 314B Thomas Plaza. Ft.Worth TX 76140. Owner; Mark Aaron.  (817) 374-6523


Tech support, CPU assembly, Cashier, Material handler, 09/03 through 02/04 4005 Campus Dr. Ft.Worth TX 76119. Supervisor; Loren Bates. (817) 534-4493 xt# 290 …Still On-Call Volunteer when they request the help


Night clerk & cashier, 08/98 through 08/03. 2034 Ft.Worth Hwy in Weatherford TX. Contact Owner; Betty Patell at DallasMavis (817) 374-6523

Private Duty HomeCare;

Over 10 year’s patient care in homes, hospitals and Nursing centers between; Fort-Worth & Johnson County Texas. References upon request


Background & Criminal Records retriever since 1979 for clients who request it which include; all DD-214 files plus Juvenile &“many sealed records”

Professional relocator since 1981, most cash registers, Windows 3.1 through XP Home and Professional edition.

MS/Word2000, Power Point, Office97 and Office2000, Webpage designer since 1990, Desktop Publisher, 5+ years in Customer service and 5+ years in call center Through S.W.Nurses and CareTeam Health Care of Ft.Worth. 3+ years in janitorial service, over 10 years in Patient Care as Certified Nurses Orderly. A+ qualified since 1994. Hobbies; Building & repairing custom CPUs @ home since 1989 with references on request.

Hobby Webpage & Flash-game Development; See samples;,,,

Over 8 years State MP Through TSG/102nd MP Battalion. Life Member (431) to Ntl Guard of Texas. Editor of &

Current Chief Warrant Officer for Army Civil Affairs; US Ntl Defense Force Command/ Home-Land Security Support of Fort Worth since 2005

Last Public School;

NEC/Education America. Fort Worth Campus, Medical Assisting For Front and Back Office. B+ graduate with Honors. 07/93 through 05/94…1-(800)-336-6668

Salary Desired; $25,500 per year or; 

$12.oo per hour/40 hours