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Delta brainwaves (3 - 0,5 Hz) are the brainwaves of the lowest frequency and represent the unconscious. If we only produce delta we will find us in dreamless deep sleep, but we also see delta in various combinations with other brainwaves. They may then represent intuition, curiosity, a kind of radar, hunches or a "feeling" for situations and other people. Delta is often seen with people who work in therapeutic environments or professions and with people who have had traumatic experiences and have developed a "radar" for difficult situations.

Gamma brainwaves (100 - 38 Hz) were detected later than the other brainwaves, less is known about them so far. They have been seen in states of peak performance (both physical and mental), high focus and concentration and during mystic and transzendental experiences. A lot of research is currently being done on gamma brainwaves in the 40 Hz range during meditation. One of the characteristics of gamma waves is a synchronisation of activity over wide areas of the brain.  

Alpha brainwaves (14 - 8 Hz) are seen when we are in a relaxed state, daydreaming or visualizing ("sensualzing" seems to be more appropriate as imagination in all senses - hearing, kinaestetic, smell, taste etc. - stimulates alpha waves. Your visual sense may not nessariliy be the strongest for you. Some people rather feel an inner knowing). We need alpha waves as the bridge to the lower frequencies ot the subconscious (theta), if we want to remember the content of our dreams or our meditation, or if we want to retrieve information from our subconscious. For this reason alpha is especially important in combination with other brainwaves

Delta brainwaves (3 - 0,5 Hz) are the brainwaves of the lowest frequency and represent the unconscious. If we only produce delta we will find us in dreamless deep sleep, but we also see delta in various combinations with other brainwaves. They may then represent intuition, curiosity, a kind of radar, hunches or a "feeling" for situations and other people. Delta is often seen with people who work in therapeutic environments or professions and with people who have had traumatic experiences and have developed a "radar" for difficult situations.

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Two Trees...
With No Proof

Since God has always "created life- and even snuff it out "indescrimently. "Since God has the power to "impute wisdom & knowledge in the "living as well as the "non-living. And since God can read any mind, any heart even prior to the minds inception of an idea...or plan. Since, God even holds the power of "ressurrestion?- why did God plant "forbidden fruit at all since God already knew what choice Adam & Eve would eventually make? What good is any (tree of knowledge) when God can implant or impute "knowledge" even within a (rock) if God chose to do so...? 

Without those "two trees- the New Testament would never have existed. Without those (two trees) The Old Testament would have never been written. Without the written law, "grace would have never been needed. Where there is "no sin" there can be no condemnation of it? The tree of "knowledge, of good & evil invented the "consciousness of right & wrong according to the "law-makers" which in turn only gave birth to a "false democratic society which we all live under today. I attest that those two trees never existed at all, but were "fabricated by transcribers who were under heavy duress of "the religious law-makers to do so. 

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Genesis Revised;

Once upon a time a “spirit” called (God) desired to create a “mud-ball” called (Earth) & then (desires) to invent a “fruit garden in it...?”  Do spirits need fruit in order to exist?  Simple questions demand only simple answers. Then, this spirit called (God) desires to Invent “Humans” To take care of this garden...?  Why not have Angels to over-see this garden? Wouldn’t Angels be more reliable than Humans...would be? The Talmud Shows Moses teaching that (angels) & demons have no “free-will”, so Angels would be better. God then plants in this garden; (2) trees; “tree of knowledge” &   tree of life...?

I have two simple questions;” since God has the power of resurrection- what good is the tree of life?  Since God has the ability to impart (Knowledge) to any human, Animal & even vegetation without using any (tree) called Knowledge.) This is (Proof) that the two trees in question had no reason to exist at all. (But) If the Story is true- Then this is solid proof that God is A lunatic & (murderer) by placing Those Trees in reach of Adam & Eve...Just keep in Mind that (God) knows the future prior to any Inception of human ideas being “born” so God knew what Adam & Eve would do.

What’s my point...? Because of these two tree’s- The story of Genesis as Recorded By the KJV & Mozoric text is proof that there were never any tree of life nor any Tree of knowledge- since God has the power to impart knowledge & raise the Dead without the help of any tree. What does this do to the original disobedience Committed by “Adam & Eve...?”... “I can hear you thinking...!”

By; LonnieCraig/PhD

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 Where does it go after our demise...?


Consciousness is "pure energy". The awareness factor is tied into Our brains like electronic photos- much like (jpegs) on a computer hard-drive & Those "jpegs" can still be retrieved even after its been deleted a dozen times Thanks to current FBI technologies- & I’m sure a few of you didn’t like hearing That one, but I’m just telling you what I found. Forensic science is a major leader in the criminal investigative field & even drives that were (re-formatted) can also be rescued thru the very same technology.


To be fair; not all hard-drives can be rescued completely & those can Be likened unto patients with Alzheimer where even under the best treatment- a lot of memory cannot be (accessed)...I didn’t say (lost)- just inaccessible for The time being. Many Alzheimer patients quite often tend to recall those bits of memory over time & we still cannot fully understand why...


Back to "consciousness"'s pure energy & energy (cannot be destroyed) nor can it be created- frozen or...burned. When you sleep- you are not unconscious. In sleep, your brain & body are only resting & the brain is in process of recharging your body for the next wakeful moments. Comatose patients are (unconscious) so where is their consciousness during the coma...? It's located thru-out their entire body, but- the "consciousness" & the brain are not communicating With Each other as they should- yet, sometimes they reunite on their own or with The Help of the neuro-science we utilize today...


The haunting part is that many of those coma patients have been able to tell their Doc & family what was going on during those times of "un-consciousness" & even A Few were able to tell Doc & family what the family & doc were doing on certain Days At home or in the office during those comatose days. Is that spooky? Not for myself because I worked in Patient care for over 16 years in my younger days & IV seen this kind of Stuff many times on my watch.


So, this can only mean that the (coma patient)...or, rather their (consciousness) or at Least part of it was busy on the outside of the patient’s body..."I just felt a Million of you smile at this point". If you didn’t smile- then the point hasn’t  quite sunk in yet... "Just give it a little more time" & be very careful what you say around them & be careful what you say & do while you are absent from the Patients body- because (you) just may be the one they decide to visit at the most inconvenient of times... (Sweet dreams...!)